Welcome to Moyola Park Golf Club
Welcome to Moyola Park Golf Club

Local Rules

Out Of Bounds (Rule 27 applies)

Beyond boundary fences and walls. In the former orchard at the 4th. In / over the stream alongside the 8th fairway. Beyond the perimeter of the island at the 17th. 


Relief From Stone Drains

Relief may be taken from drains where stones are clearly visible.  Drop not nearer the hole - nearest point of relief. N.B. (There is no relief from drains which have grassed over).


Moveable Obstructions (Rule 24-1 applies)

Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions.


Immovable Obstructions (rule 24 applies)

(a) The bells at the 3rd green, plus those on the 5th, 6th and 14th fairways.
(b) The protective wooden fence at the left of the 5th fairway and to the left of the 8th green.
(c) The bridge(including its pier and supporting structures) on the 8th hole.  A ball lying close to any of them, so that it interferes with the player's stance or the area of his intended swing, may be dropped without penalty, within one club length, not nearer the hole.

A ball lying close to the wooden fence to the left of the 8th green, so that it interferes with the player's swing, may be dropped without penalty, not nearer the hole.


Roadway across the 5th Fairway

A ball coming to rest ON or within two club-lengths of this road between the markers may be dropped back, without penaly, not nearer the hole.



A ball coming to rest on any path may be dropped at the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole. N.B There is no relief from the road alongside the 9th fairway.  It is an intergral part of the course.


Water Hazards

a. The river at the 8th and beyond the perimeter of the island at the 17th are water hazards.

b. The drain to the left of the 15th fairway is a lateral water hazard.


Tractor or Machinery Ruts

They are not GUR (Ground Under Repair) unless marked.


Plugged Ball

A ball embedded in its own pitch mark “Through the Green”. Lift Clean and Drop, within 1 Club Length, not nearer the hole


Staked Trees

Drop within 1 club length of, and not nearer the hole than, the nearest point of relief.




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