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Welcome to Moyola Park Golf Club

Guidelines on the use of buggies

General Policy for the Operation and Use of Buggies

The priority of Moyola Park Golf Club is to ensure the safety of all persons, including drivers, passengers and any other players or persons in the vicinity of the vehicle.

Use of privately owned buggies is only permitted with Council approval and with evidence of insurance cover having been provided.

Failure to comply with any safety rule or directive or to wilfully act in a risky or dangerous manner may result in severe disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from membership of the Club.

Particular reference should be made to speed and stability of the buggy when in use.

These guidelines applies to all Buggies, whether privately owned or hired.


General Rules of Operation:
Buggies may only be driven by persons over the age of  18 years.

No buggy shall be allowed to carry more than the number of passengers for which it was designed.

“Piggy-back” riding on the back of any buggy is strictly prohibited.

Buggies shall not encroach within 10 yards of any green.


Use of buggies will not be permitted during the winter months (November – March) or at any other time designated by the green-keeper / Council when ground conditions are such that the use of buggies may cause damage to the course. Care must always be taken to avoid damage to the course, trees, shrubs or any other integral equipment or feature.


Under no circumstances should a buggy be driven over greens, tee boxes, through bunkers or other hazards or between greens and greenside bunkers, or any other identified area.

Failure to observe the above Rules may result in suspension of permission to hire or use a buggy, either as a driver or as a passenger.


Restrictions in Buggy Use :
GUI guidelines for use of buggies, as contained in the Tournament Conditions Booklet for the applicable year, shall be followed with regard to all championship, regional, provincial and inter-club competitions.


Buggies may be used in Club Competitions under the following conditions:

Other persons are permitted to drive a private buggy, with the owner’s permission provided insurance cover is in place for additional names drivers, or ride as a passenger on any buggy.

At any time, Green's Convenor, the Greens Committee or Council, shall have the power to place additional restrictions on the use of buggies, in order to protect the course from potential damage.

Such restrictions may include :


Total prohibition of buggies.

Restriction to persons holding Medical Disability Certificates only.

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